Mission: Our mission is to develop, introduce, distribute and apply advanced clinical need-oriented molecular diagnostics products and technologies. We are committed to providing precise molecular diagnostics products and services for clinical medicine and making major contributions to improve the health of the people in China.

Values: Modest, enthusiastic, persevering and self-motivated, we are working hard to strike a balance between the interests of our investors, employees and customers, and we place a high value on both enterprise development and social responsibilities.

Vision: Our vision is to achieve the combination of production, education and scientific research and the integration of R&D, manufacture, distribution, registration and services, and to become one of the most important suppliers of products and services related to molecular diagnosis in China.

Spirit: We will focus on molecular diagnosis and be the forerunner in precision medicine; this is also the GenomePrecision dream which all our GenomePrecision co-workers are striving for.