The mycobacterium tuberculosis complex(MTC) mainly includes mycobacterium tuberculosis, mycobacterium bovis, mycobacterium microti, etc. and is the TB-causing bacteria that transmits into human body through respiratory tract, digestive tract and abraded skin mucous membranes, invading many tissues and organs and causing tuberculosis of the organs, which most commonly occurs in the lungs. TB may be associated with inflammatory reactions induced by persistent proliferation of the bacteria in tissue cells and delayed type hypersensitivity reactions.

    The mycobacterium tuberculosis detection kit(PCR-fluorescent probe method) uses PCR fluorescent probe techniques and qualitatively detects the mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in human paraffin samples. It is used for identification and diagnosis of TB. PCR assay adopts internal control for monitoring potential inhibitory factors. Also, UDG and dUTP are used to minimize PCR cross-contamination and avoid false-positive results.

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