Hepatitis B virus, abbreviated HBV, is of the partially double stranded DNA type, with genome around 3.2kb in length. It encodes four mRNAs in different lengths of 3.5kb, 2.4kb, 2.1kb and 0.7kb, of which, the 3.5kb mRNA is the HBV pregenome RNA(pg RNA). Studies show that patients with no pgRNA have a much lower relapse rate than patients with high pgRNA levels. Therefore, detection of pgRNA level has important clinical implications.

    HBV pgRNA quantitative assay kit(PCR-fluorescent probe method) uses real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR to quantify pgRNA. PCR assay adopts internal control for monitoring potential inhibitory factors. Also, UDG and dUTP are used to minimize PCR cross-contamination and avoid false-positive results.

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SP-006-24HBV pgRNA assay kit24TPCR-Fluorescent probe method