CD-Chex CD103 Plus is the only commercially available flow cytometry control that includes CD103, CD30, CD38, CD56, CD138, and cytoplasmic Lambda in a single control, and the only control on the market to provide reference values for CD138. The assay provides percent positive values for each assayed marker on abnormal leukocytes.

CD-Chex CD103 Plus is designed for use on BD Biosciences and Beckman Coulter® flow cytometry systems. It eliminates the need for laboratories to hold and validate patient samples for use as a control, reducing labor and costs.

CD-Chex CD103 Plus is intended to be used as a quality control material for evaluating intracellular and surface antigens with monoclonal antibody binding by flow cytometry.  It is used to monitor reagent staining, erythrocyte lysis, sample preparation and instrument performance.


  • 90-day closed-vial stability

  • 30-day open-vial stability

CD-Chex CD103   Plus

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1 x 1.0 mL


2 x 1.0 mL