Brucellosis, also known as Mediterranean fever, Malta fever or rock fever, is a zoonosis-hypersensitivity disease caused by the gram-negative intracellular brucella and may lead to abortion, infertility and local lesions of various tissues. Brucellosis in humans is usually associated with contact with infected animals, consumption of brucella-contaminated milk and exposure to laboratories, etc. Humans infected have bacteremia and toxemia that may spread to various organs. During the chronic phase, spine and major joints are usually affected with symptoms and signs such as prolonged fever(including mild fever), profuse sweating, joint pain and/or swelling of the liver, spleen, lymph nodes and testis, etc.      

     The brucella detection kit(PCR-fluorescent probe method) uses PCR fluorescent probe techniques and qualitatively detects the brucellas in human blood samples. It is used for identification and diagnosis of brucella infection. PCR assay adopts internal control for monitoring potential inhibitory factors. Also, UDG and dUTP are used to minimize PCR cross-contamination and avoid false-positive results.

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PCR-fluorescent probe method